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JoanieJoanie has been creating hand made greeting cards for nearly twenty years. These were always done for personal use. By the urging of family and friends the thought of marketing cards began to evolve in 2002. In 2003 "Cards By Joanie" began to take shape and sales of her cards began fueling the momentum. All of the "Card's by Joanie" are hand painted in the artist's home, then printed and packaged and shipped to your door.

About The Artist

Joanie has been painting beautiful works of art most of her life. She has developed a diverse artistic ability expressed in a style that is uniquely hers. When it comes to mediums, Joanie spans the spectrum. She works with oils, pastels, ink, coal, pencil, watercolor and many combinations. The expanse of her material is vast. Seascapes, landscapes, abstracts and stills are all included among Joanie 's work. This diversity can be attributed to Joanie's geographical influences and her keen imagination. Born in Hawaii and having lived in California, Oregon, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina and now California, her art often reflects the impressions places and people have made on her. Great artists are often protege's of other great artists and Joanie is no exception. Much of Joanie's ability comes from the influence of great artist and family member, the late Ellen Pittman, who mentored the young Joanie. Whether she is putting the final touches on a painting or preparing a gourmet meal, one thing is certain: There's only one Joanie!


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Cards By Joanie
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